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Ventrow is a new-age digital publishing company with a focus on offering best-in-class content for the web. Our content team consists of passionate writers & editors with deep topical expertise in their areas of interest.




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What We're Known for

Thorough coverage

Whenever we enter a new niche, we dedicate hundreds of hours to deep topical research, ensuring a thorough coverage of the subject, even from different perspectives.

Actionable advice

We hate fluff as much as you do. Our team of writers are extremely serious about covering any subject in the most concise way, offering only actionable tips & ideas.

Blazing fast load times

We're obsessed about site speed and reliability. Our tech stack is optimized to ensure blazing fast load times, even when you're on slower connections.

Segment-leading content

By only hiring subject-matter experts with deep topical expertise and real world experience, we never compromise with content quality. Ever.

Our Core Team

Mahasweta B.

Head of Content

I oversee content production and manage our team of passionate writers. I believe content is incomplete without original research and a sprinkle of humor on top!

Rohit P.

Founder & Head of Strategy

I tinker with servers, plugins and obsess over process efficiency in my free time, but those are mostly overshadowed by a ton of boring work everyday... Who would've thought!

Renadel C.

Front-End Team Lead

If you find a broken table, link or uneven columns on any of our websites, that's probably just a result of me not getting enough coffee while working on that.

Our Story

Right from the start, Ventrow approached digital publishing differently.

Instead of locking horns with existing established digital publishing behemoths, we focused on addressing underserved topics and queries, and harnessed the power of organic search traffic to grow our websites rapidly with zero investment in paid traffic sources.

As our portfolio of content sites grew, we built a sustainable and rapidly growing operation by doing the following:

  • We explore multiple monetization options for each website. This includes display ads, affiliate marketing and direct ads/sponsorships. We never do any paid collaborations that might compromise our editorial integrity. 
  • We don't treat content as a bulk commodity. This allows us to focus on each article and invest heavily into our content by bringing in real world experts who really have unique insights to share instead of the same old re-hashed fluff.
  • Our sites are super fast and always up. This is because we build them in the leanest possible way and use powerful cutting-edge hardware for industry-leading reliability. 

Our Monetization Partners

Our Content Team

Currently, our editorial & publishing team has people from over 7 countries. 

Abigail B.

Senior Writer

Kierstie M.

Senior Writer

Caleb M.

Sports Writer

Victoria H.

Home Writer

Kieron B.

Arts Writer

Tyler H.

DIY Writer

Jayde A.

Home Writer

Louis C.

Tech Writer

Brittany B.

Lifestyle Writer

Radimir B.

DIY Writer

Amy G.

Tech Writer

Katharine F.

Lifestyle Writer

... & Many More Passionate Writers!

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Since I have huge interest in home improvement, I frequent [A Ventrow Website] a lot for fixing a lot of common household issues and making things work more efficiently together. Specifically, some of the HVAC related advice I read was very useful indeed!

Sam Evans

DIY Enthusiast

As a fish keeper, it's crucial to get timely advice regarding aquarium maintenance and inter-species compatibility, among other things. [A Ventrow Website] is my go-to place when it comes to getting the right aquarium advice so that my aquatic friends stay healthy and happy.

Jenny Cobain

Pet Lover

We tend to spend a lot of money on watersports gear, so it makes sense that you do enough research before shelling out the cash. Checking out [A Ventrow Website]'s buying guides on sports gear helps me take purchasing decisions more confidently.

Patrick Anderson

Watersports Aficionado

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